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Rob Roland - Broker             Jordan Rozencwajg - Client Care Coordinator           

       Rob Roland                 Jordan Rozencwajg          
         Broker                     Client Care Coordinator     
                                           Sales Representative        


Unlike traditional real estate agents we are not here to sell you anything - We will never pressure you...We hate that! We will manage your expectations so that you will feel as comfortable as possible with the crazy process of buying a home. We are here to act as your consultants; to help you interpret information, understand the process and answer your toughest questions.We are here to negotiate in your best interests.

When Searching For Your Next Home
We will not set you up on an automatic listing generator; Every listing you get will be hand picked for you based on a conversation we've had and feedback you've given us.  Of course, if you want the automated stuff, we can do that too.

What Drives Sellers Banana's
Most real estate agents only do the 3 P’s when selling your home:
They place a sign in your yard - place your home on the MLS - Pray that someone will buy your home.
We add the 2 additional P’s:
We Proactively search for buyers for your home and we price watch daily in this volatile market.


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