Ten Questions For All Baby Boomers?

April 28, 2019

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1. What do I want my future to look like in these six areas- housing, financial, medical, legal, family and social?
2. Am I prepared for that future?
3. Will I be caring for a parent or loved one? What is their future and what part do you play?
4. What will my future look like if my partner passes before I do?
5. Will my current residence be suitable for my future – Do I need or want something more suitable?
6. What is my net worth and how can this be effectively managed?
7. How will Mom and Dad be carted for if and when the times comes?
8. How will I be cared for if or when the time comes?
9. Do I have a will – why do I need a will? Do Mom and Dad have wills and Powers of Attorney?
10. Will I be making decisions based on ‘Choice or Circumstance’?
Interested in more about ‘Choice and Circumstance’? Discover how making decisions now greatly benefit you, your health, quality of life and wishes in the future.
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Pivotal’s MASTER Accredited Senior Agents consist of a network of professionals offering management services for older adults in transition throughout Ontario. Our consulting services are the first step in listening and understanding your needs and goals. A strategic and comprehensive discovery of financial, health, lifestyle and real estate goals provide solutions for older adults planning their next move.*
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